Malaysia Phone Directory
Police / Ambulance 999
Fire 994
Civil Defence 991
From Mobile Phone 112
Local Authorities
LLM 03 8737 3000
DBKL 03 2693 4531
MPAJ 03 4296 8000
MPK 03 3371 6044
MBPJ 03 7956 3544
MBSA 03 5510 5133
MPSJ 03 8026 3131
Public Complaints
TMC LLM 03 8888 7777
SMS 15888
1MOCC 03 8000 8000  

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Lebuh Raya Shah Alam

LSA is connected to 3 major Expressway Systems:

LSA Route

EXIT 516-Sri Petaling Interchange
MRR2 leads to Bandar Melawati and Karak Highway in the East; KL City Centre in the North; Seremban, Johor and Singapore in the South.

EXIT 515-Sukom Interchange Commonwealth Games Village, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, OUG and Old Klang Road.

EXIT 514-Awan Kecil Interchange
Sri Petaling, Old Klang Road in the East, Technology Park, National Stadium Bukit Jalil and LRT in the West.


EXIT 513-Awan Besar Interchange
Old Klang Road, OUG in the
East, Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Club in the West.

EXIT 512-Kinrara Interchange
Bandar Kinrara, Army Camp,
Old Klang Road, Bandar
Puchong Jaya in the West.

EXIT 511-Sunway Interchange
Damansara in the North;
Puchong, Putrajaya and
Cyberjaya in the South.


EXIT 510-Kewajipan Interchange
Subang Jaya in the North and USJ in the South.

EXIT 508-Seafield Interchange
KLIA through ELITE and North South Expressway.

EXIT 507-Hicom Interchange
Shah Alam in the North; HICOM, Puchong, Putrajaya and Cyberjaya in the South.

EXIT 505-Bukit Rimau Interchange
Bukit Rimau.

EXIT 504-Kebun Interchange
Klang Town and Jalan Kebun
in the North.

EXIT 503-Bandar Puteri

Bandar Puteri.

EXIT 502-Pandamaran

North Port/Klang Town in the
North, West Port, Pulau Indah in the West.